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Top 10 Social Media Posts : 2014

1) 10 Writing Tips for Great Social Media Posts.
Author: Cari Bennette.

2) After 1.5 Million Posts Analyzed, Here is the Perfect Facebook Post.
Author: Francisco Rosales / Infographic by TrackMaven.

3) 9 Things You Should Be Sharing on Facebook but Probably Aren’t
Author: Aaron Lee.

4) 5 Google+ Features You Probably Aren’t Taking Advantage Of.
Author: Shanna Mallon of Straight North.

5) Can Content Marketing Help Improve Your Search Engine Rankings? [Infographic].
Author: Francisco Rosales / Infographic by QuickSprout.

6) 10 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy.
Author: William Johnson.

7) 10 Facebook Ads You Should be Running Right Now.
Author: Francisco Rosales.

8) The New Facebook Ad Campaign Structure: Here is What You Need to Know.
Author: Francisco Rosales.

9) 5 Creative Ways to use Social Media for Your Business.
Author: Dave Schneider.

10) “Organic” is Dead, Say Hello to the Age of Paid Media.
Author: Francisco Rosales.
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