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What is twitter all about Today

Everyone uses Twitter differently, and I can’t really tell you what it is about generally. However, I can tell you what Twitter is to me, personally. It is about connecting with people (guess you figure that out). It’s about building new relationships with people that you’re not able to do on other social networking sites, for example, when being on Facebook we tend to be inside our own circle of friends. Unless we connect with them on twitter first, then we might be able to grow our network on facebook.

Twitter is about learning and adding value

Its is also about adding value to others by giving or sharing something valuable to them so that they are able to learn something. That is why I usually tweet about stuff that I read, learned or have good value. I have learned so much from the others that is why I love twitter. It is also about helping others, I disagree with many ‘experts’ that say you should only follow ‘influential’ users because I don’t judge someone that way, and because I believe the people at Twitter don’t believe in them either. I also disagree that you should only share your own stuff otherwise you will dilute your brand. Sure it makes sense but 24/7 sharing your own blog post and following influential people?

Twitter is about engaging and responding

I try to respond to everyone and help people if I am able to. I don’t judge who they are, or how many followers they have like some do. It is worth it to me? In my honest opinion, it is. Reading @guykawasaki’s book, Enchantment, taught me that it makes a difference, not just to me, but to the people that I have helped along the way. That is one way to build credibility and trust. @guykawasaki shared a story in his book where a traveller sees a man throwing starfish back into the sea to save them. The traveller asked the man why he thinks it can make a difference since there are many out there laying on the beach. The man picks up another, throws it into the ocean, and says “it makes a difference to that one”

For me that is Twitter, and no, its is not what I had or want to eat for lunch if you’re assuming that it is, although I did post a photo of what I ate once… *guilty*

Your thoughts? What is twitter for you?
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