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To Blog or not to Blog

So a friend (well at the time the suggestion was made we were friends. I am not sure where we stand with each other anymore) I write a book or blog because I have so much to say. In all honesty I am best face to face, one on one. Knowing the person I am dealing with and their personal issue or having a sense of who they are. I do not even know if I possess the vocabulary or punctuation skills to do this.

What am I getting myself into?

EEEP... This feels like I am about to bungee jump

I write the way I speak so my punctuation is not grammatically correct as I insert punctuation where my pauses and exclamations would be when I speak. Her Royal Highness would be appalled with my desecration of her English

Why would I write a book what do I have to say that can reach or enrich a life. It takes such time, effort and energy to have a person grasp what I am saying and where it comes from. First they need to get me,me as a person before they realize and embrace what I am saying. I am no easy person to get.

Ready , Set ......GOOOOOOOO

To just sit and write when you know not where you want to go with this or if you want it to go anywhere at all. To put your all onto paper requires a strength, confidence and fortitude that not many hold within themselves.

It is always uplifting and healing when others share yet it is met with not opposition but an unwillingness to share in a society that chooses first to judge rather than understand the person and their story. Perceptiveness and discernment are skills most have not developed and I have observed is dying as we allow technology and the media to dictate to us how we must act, think and feel.

Deep goes nothing!

Jumping in head first

People are afraid to express how they truly feel or where they stand on issues because of not having the popular opinion. Not having gone with the flow means you can be bullied to change your view.

My view, beliefs and opinions are just that mine. If you ask me what I think I will tell what I think. Bear in mind I do not owe anyone any explanations nor do I need to defend my beliefs.

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