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Here's the latest on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date, News and Update.

According to recent reports, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy XV may be coming to the Nintendo NX. YouTuber SuperMetalDave6, who reported that a source knowledgeable about the subject says that both the next big Final Fantasy games are coming to Nintendo's new console, and that the games may be the definitive versions hat tip to Nintendolife for discovering the video.
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The rumor about the new Final Fantasy games admittedly doesn't come directly from a developer, but from an unnamed insider source. But this YouTube guy has had accurate predictions in the past, so it's not a total shot in the dark or random guess.

What's more, the rumors about the new Final Fantasy games coming to the Nintendo NX simply make sense, giving what we know so far. Square Enix has reconciled with Nintendo. This happened years ago, but their relationship has continued to improve.

This is the reason why Cloud is coming to Smash Bro, so its safe to assume that any future Final Fantasy game may be available for the Nintendo NX.

In our previous report, Final Fantasy 7 fans eagerly awaiting a next-gen adaptation of their favorite game have gone through a variety of emotions over the years. Teased with a tech demo that showed off the potential of what Final Fantasy 7 could look like on modern hardware, many were disappointed that developer Square Enix seemed noncommittal with a project believed to be a sure success.
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Years later, producer Shinji Hashimoto walked on stage at 2014's PSX event to troll everyone, announcing Final Fantasy 7's arrival on PS4 as a port of the original. And now that Square has finally announced that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is indeed real, fans have become cautiously optimistic, hoping the publisher doesn't screw it up - especially now that we've learned that the remake will be a "multi-part series".

In other news, The New York Toy Fair is underway and we now have a small glimpse of the new figures that will be releasing in the near future. This includes characters from Final Fantasy 7 Remake!
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